If you’re like many people, then your dog pulls on the lead, and you are no stranger to having a sore shoulder as a result. There are millions of dog owners who do not enjoy their walks with their dogs, due to their pets pulling them, but you can train your dog to walk on your side without pulling. If you do this, then you will enjoy walking much more, and you may be surprised at how easy it is to train your dog to walk by your side.
There are various ways to train your dog, and you may be able to do it by watching Doggy Dan, but we want to put out that there are a few mistakes that dog owners tend to make when they walk their dog. It doesn’t matter if you have a large dog or a small dog, nor what kind of breed your dog is, there are mistakes you could be making with your dog, but there are a few tips that may help. We are going to discuss what some of those tips are, but there is something else we want to mention first.
Before we provide you tips, we want to say you need to keep calm, and so does your dog. If your dog is already revved up before you even head out the gate, then you are going to really struggle with walking them. With that said, below are a few tips that can help you out.

1. Calm Your Dog Down

As soon as you get the leash out, your dog probably goes wild and jumps around, wagging its tail and racing around and being impatient. When they do this, you probably just go ahead and get the leash on them, and this gets them even more excited and wild up. This is because you are feeding into their excited behavior and giving them an award, which is the lead. It’s simple, when you do this, their behavior becomes even more extreme.
Also, the same thing happens when you allow your dog to make a beeline towards the front door and out the gate and eventually down the road. When you allow this to continue to happen, then they get more excited, and they will continue to do this. Instead, try to take your time the next time you want to take your dog out for a walk.
What you want to do is calmly get the leash and then wait until your dog has calmed down, and if they don’t, then do not put the leash on them and just put it away. You might have to do this over and over again, but eventually, your dog will calm down and then you can place the leash on them. Just make sure you put the leash on only when the dog has calmed down, but be prepared to repeat this process over and over again when you first start using this technique.
Don’t be afraid to postpone the walk for a good 10-20 minutes, even though that may seem like hours when you’re waiting for your dog to calm down. However, it is worth it, and once your dog has finally calmed down, then things will get easier. Remember, the last thing you want is to still be getting pulled down the street by your dog a year from now or even 10 years from now.


2. Change Directions

When you head out the door, look at your dog and see which way they want to go. If they want to go left, then you go right and take the lead. Keep doing this every time your dog starts to pull or tries to take the lead. If you do this right off the bat, then you won’t have to worry about your dog pulling throughout the entire walk.
Dog not seeing the owner as the pack leader

Dog pulling on the leash


3. Choose The Right Device

There are various devices you can use to help get your dog to heel. In the video, Doggy Dan doesn’t use just any old harness, as his is a special harness that has an attachment right under the chin of the dog. This harness is different than other harnesses because traditional ones are attached on the back. This allows the dog to pull very hard.
Dog leading his owner

Use The Right Leash For Your Dog


4. The Pack Leader Does Just That

Don’t forget that you are the pack leader and that means you lead from the front and if your dog doesn’t think of you as a pack leader, then they will try to get the front. You can’t trick your dog or anything like that, and you need to have a strong will to show that you are the pack leader. Doggy Dan has developed some material to show how dog owners can become pack leaders and you can check out his 5 rules on how to accomplish this.


5. Extra Tips

There are so many other tips and tricks out there. One of them is knowing when you pull the leash without going overboard. You want to learn when to allow your dog to sniff and when to let them go to the bathroom and you want to learn where to let them. Believe it or not, when you master those small things, walking your dog will become easier.


If you want to master the art of dog walking, then check out Doggy Dan’s website because he is one of the best trainers aroundand his site, The Online Dog Trainer, has hundreds of videos. There are a number of videos on the site, and the videos show you how to properly walk your dog, and there’s even a half-hour audio on the site. This means you can listen to it while you are walking. You will love the audio because you can listen to it whenever you want, but make sure you stay alert if you decide to listen to it while you are walking your dog, but if you do listen while walking your dog, then you should do it in an area such as a field or a park because then you can implement the techniques that are being taught on the audio.


If you’re like many dog owners, then you just want to make the most of your time with your dog, and this includes taking them for walks on a daily basis, but without having to worry about them pulling you. Just remember to be persistent and consistent with the training. It may take a bit of time to get results, but it is worth it and before you know it, your dog will stop pulling, walk calmer, and you will enjoy taking your pet for walks again. The sooner you take action, and the sooner you learn how to master walking your dog, the sooner you will love taking your dog out for its daily walks.


Just keep the above tips in mind. Also, make sure to visit Doggy Dan’s website. You will learn a lot from it.