How To Turn Your Puppy Into The Ideal Dog

1. Why training you puppy

Raising the perfect dog is something many people dream of but does the perfect dog actually exist? The answer is no because just like humans, there is no such thing as the perfect dog, but this doesn’t mean there are amazing dogs and people. With that said, you are probably wondering what the trick is, and you have come to the right place. Before you bring your puppy to puppy school and try to teach it a bunch of tricks, you should determine what your dream dog should do because your dream dog may do more than amazing tricks.

Is your dream dog simply a performer that you want to do tricks in order to impress people or to receive praise and things of that nature, because the chances are if you have focused too much on teaching your pet tricks, then you’ll have to warn guests not to get to close to him when he’s eating. You might have to warn them to be wary about patting your dog on its head and you may have to keep kids away from his toys and things of that nature. So many people place emphasis on commands and not think about the real crucial stuff, and before we know it, it’s too late. May dog trainers keep on doing the same thing as everyone else, and this is why it is often too late.

Train your puppy early

Jumping puppy happy to be trained with the doggy dan online trainer

Many trainers do the same thing, which means they teach the same old tricks, such as sit, stay and what not. They act like sheep, and not many people question it and if you think about it, has a dog ever been put to sleep because they didn’t sit or because they didn’t respond to the command in an instance? The answer is no because nobody cares about this, but when you send your pup to puppy school, trainers teach them those tricks. On the other hand, it is aggression that gets dogs in trouble and is one of the leading reasons why they get put to sleep.

Dogs may show aggression in forms of barking, growling or even biting. They may be aggressive towards strangers, kids, and their owners. In short, this is very bad.

An out of control dog is a very dangerous dog, and they will pull you on walks and ignore your every command, and you can never let them loose. Not only that, but they risk the chance of running out into traffic. A lot of trainers don’t show people what the can do to prevent such things, and this is because many don’t know how to do this. With that said, there are five crucial behaviors that a perfect dog will exhibit.

2. Behaviors a well training puppy should have

A well trained dog will be: calm around other dogs and animals.
– Calm around other dogs and animals.
– Friendly towards everyone
– Relaxed around the home
– Obedient
– Coming back to you when you call them at the park.
– Walking perfectly on the leash.


How do you achieve the above? It’s easier than you think and this is thanks to Doggy Dan’s product called The Doggy Dan Online Trainer, which you can get a 3 day trial for just a dollar. This site is packed with a lot of information that can help you get the perfect dog.


3. Why using Doggy Dan Online Trainer

The website has many videos that show you how to get the perfect dog and Doggy Dan shows you how via a video diary of a puppy that is only 8 weeks old. The videos guide you through every stage. Doggy Dan has recorded his puppy for a whole year, and this means you get to watch the puppy go from being young to being an adult, and you’ll get to see what Doggy Dan does to raise the perfect dog.

Happy puppy playing with a frisbee

Dog catching a frisbee

You’ll have a good idea of what to do to ensure problems don’t occur later on and this is because you’ll be able to train your pet at the right time. When your dog is grown up, the site caters to various dog problems that you may be faced with in the future. Not only that but topics such as training, behavior, and food, as well as health are covered.


Doggy Dan’s website has over 200 videos, and you’ll know what to do to achieve the behaviors previously discussed. You’ll learn a lot more than that too, and you will finally get the results you have always wanted to get with your dog. If you want to get the perfect dog and you want to get things done the right way the first time around, then visit Doggy Dan’s website and sign up for the one dollar trial. You will be glad that you did. Here is the website: the online dog trainer  

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