5 Ways To Stop Your Dog From Barking

Most people have dogs as their pets and sometimes the barking of those dogs can be a problem to the pet’s owner if the dog barks continuously and aimlessly. A dog as a pet provides company to the owner and also security. Eliminating the dog to stop the barking is obviously not the best choice, so you need to control its barking in whichever way possible.
A dog may be barking for different reasons for example defense; it may be barking to other dogs, to get your attention, anxiety, excitement or it may be barking to strangers in the homestead or even passing strangers. The method of stopping the dog’s barking will depend on the reason for the barking.
There are five main ways in which you can stop the dog from barking:

Changing the dog environment

One method of stopping the barking is changing the environment that makes the dog bark. If the dog is always barking at the people passing near your home, you can use a fence that will make it impossible for the dog to see the other side of the fence. You may also cover any outlet that gives the dog access to your compounds like the windows and the doors if the dog is always barking at your visitors. The sound of the doorbell may also be a trigger to your dogs’ barking and in this case changing the sound of the doorbell may be a solution hence the dog may not be aware that there is someone at the door or the gate. Calling your dog inside and keeping your dog engaged at the time you know that he is prone to barking may also work. You may call him inside when schools are letting out and school kids are heading home noisily.

Help your dog get used to solitude

Dogs in a park barking

Two dog in a garden barking

The second way to stop the behavior would be making your dog used to solitude. This may work if your dog mostly barks at the time of your departure. If this is the case, you have to make yourdog understand that being alone is not a bad thing and make the dog be always ready to be left alone. You should not make the dog know your preparations just before departure like showing your dog the car keys. This way the dog will not be able to know when you are about to leave and may not start barking immediately you leave the compound. You may also prepare like you are leaving but still stay around. This way the dog will never be able to realize when you are leaving or when you are still around. Leaving your dog for a short time alone would also be important, for example, you can lock the dog in the house for some time then come back, or you can just hide without the dog’s notice. This way the dog may become used to solitude, it may not have to bark any time you are out of sight.

Reward him with a treat when silent

The third method to use for the reduction dog barking would be training your dog to bark at reasonable incidences. Shouting at the dog words like “quiet” may not work all the time as they makethe dog stop at the moment then continue barking or make the dog bark again later. Instead, you should always silence the dog and give him a treat anytime he barks. You can train the dog, every time he barks stick a delicious treat on his nose and tell him to stop barking , then if he keeps quiet give him the treat. The reward may work on the dog, and it may stop barking aimlessly.

Don’t encourage his barking- stay calm

The fourth method would be to ignore your dogs barking if it’s evident that your attention motivates him. Some dogs only bark around their owners either to other dogs or other people. Showing the dog that his barking is not worthy may discourage his barking.

Make him do physical exercises

Finally, you can limit the barking by making the dog tired. In the case where a dog barks continuously at night because of boredom, ensuring the dog gets enough mental and physical exercise during the day may be the solution. If the dog becomes tired, it will spend the night hours sleeping instead of barking continuously and aimlessly.
Dog in a park barking

Barking Dog in a garden

If you love your dog, don’t use a shock Collar

Some people may recommend the shock collar to control the behavior but sometimes the collar may induce excessive fear on your dog, it may confuse your dogs due to over-correction, and it’s also a painful method of training your pet.
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