Overview: Great Product, Excellent Value for the Money:

The Online Dog Training video site is an excellent product.  It has outstanding content, especially when compared to other websites that have a lot less videos.  The training information contained in the videos is truly outstanding.  The website has been around since 2009, so some of their videos aren’t High Definition, but they are in the process of replacing these with HD version.  This site is very active, and new footage is added on a regular basis.

The following is my review on this site’s key features.


One endorsement that is worth mentioning that the Online Dog Trainer website has received is from New Zealand’s National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).  There is even a link on the SPCA of New Zealand’s home page promoting it to individuals adopting new puppies and new dog owners.
Doggy Dan method are endorsed by the SPCA

Doggy Dan have been seen on the SPCA website

Every topic imaginable is covered, and there are more than 250 videos.
Compared to nearly all other online websites, The Online Dog Trainer offers a significantly greater amount of content.  Definitely at this price.  Usually, an average video of this standard that a dog trainer produces will cost about $35 for one hour’s worth of footage.  The Online Dog Trainer site contains around 20 hours worth of footage.  What that means is that everything that you could ever want in included at the one low price.  As previously mentioned, some footage isn’t in High Definition. However the advice is of excellent quality which is much more important in my opinion.

Videos of actual consultations

One very enjoyable aspect that this website provides is video footage that is directly from live consultations by Doggy Dan. Compared to many other websites where the only thing shown by training videos are command theory and work and not a lot of real footage of some of the more serious behavioral issues that can arise with dogs, The Online Dog Trainer site is much different.  There are many dogs on film that obviously seriously need help and aren’t easy to manage at all.

The answer is Video

The question has often been raised of whether or not a dog training e-book can compare with video.  In my opinion, the answer is that it cannot.  Words can’t explain the same thing as being able to watch an experienced dog trainer give a gentle explanation as to the reason why a dog is stressed out and then being able to watch a dog change his behavior.  Another thing that I like about the videos is they haven’t been edited excessively.  Therefore you can see how the consultation unfolded and the results that were able to be achieved.  It includes all of the trainer and dog’s body language as well.  These are things you can’t pick from just reading words on a page or screen.

Gentle techniques and methods

Currently, there are many different dog training styles that trainers use, and they vary widely.  Dog Dan uses a method in The Online Dog Trainer that seems to be very gentle and calm, yet still quite effective at the same time.  There are some different dog training sites in the marketplace that either tries scaring dogs into behaving or use outdated aggressive techniques.  Others focus on rewards and treats too much so that nothing works unless your pocket is full of cheese.  The understanding from Doggy Dan of how you can become the pack leader gets things set up, so you don’t need to use much cheese or aggression or fear in your training.

Puppy Training

Doggy Dan has provided videos inside the video site the detail raising Moses, an 8-week old puppy.  It is an amazing project ofa former SPCA cross of a Labrador and Border Collie that lets you watch a young puppy develop into an incredible dog.  Moses is almost one-year-old now, and there are constantly new videos being added on his development.  This is about as good as it can get when compared with other dog training websites.  Included are the solving of all puppy problems and all command training.  This section gets full marks.
Dan and Moses the puppy he trained

Dan holding Moses, a puppy that he trained

The Forum

I am very impressed with this program’s Forum.  Doggy Dan still personally answers all of the questions.  There is a significant difference between an assistant and someone who has trained hundreds or thousands of dogs answering the questions. It is very obvious from the answers provided in the forum the Dan is careful to make sure that dog owners are provided with the best advice and experience each time.

Audio Files

In that website, there are audio files included in strategic places.  They are perfect complements to the videos.  Not everything has to be watched. I found it refreshing to be able to listen to the 45 minutes audio on how to become a pack leaders after I had watched the video on the same topic.  These audios are optional given that all of the core lessons are covered in clearly explained and defined videos.  For those individuals who really would like to get maximum value from the course, the audios are a very valuable bonus.


When it comes to testimonials I’ve always been quite suspicious that they can be created, edited or altered by anybody.  Also, unless there is a time stamp, there’s a good chance that many of them are very old.  This seems to be the case with some dog training products that are currently being sold.  However, things are much different at the Online Dog Trainer.  Users can post their testimonials and comments directly into the site through the use of third party software so that they can’t be edited by anybody other than the person who posts them. Quite often the testimonials that you see are just days old and have been written by real individuals who love this training website.  They are real reviews.  People like you have written them, and they are totally independent and using the site currently.  Their results and testimonials true speak for themselves and are genuine.

Doggy Dan

Not many dog training websites like The Online Dog Trainer have such an experienced and charismatic individuals as Doggy Dan.  His obvious love of dogs and energy come across in the videos.  Being able to watch training which clearly has a bond with the dogs he works with and who respect him is a true testament to the effective and gentle approach that Doggy Dan uses. Unlike so many other dog trainers out there who focus on fear-based techniques and using treats to get the desired response from a dog, this method appears to concentrate first on understanding the dog as well as earning the trust of them.

Professional Dog Trainer

Doggy Dan with two dogs that he trained

Dog Behavioral issues

Throughout the website, dog and puppy owners are encouraged by Doggy Dan to treat a problem’s cause and not merely the symptoms.  This kind of approach helps to prevent further problems from taking place later on and also helps to resolve the underlying issues.  To accomplish this, there is a section entitled “Become the pack leader” that owners are guided through that uses  5 Golden Rules that Doggy Dan has developed.


After establishing these things, it is recommended that users visit any section and view whatever training is relevant to their dog’s specific issue.  That approach seems a lot more logical compared to numerous other ones that are out there that feel a lot more as if they are just trial and error.  The videos contain a clear explanation of why a specific problem exists and then details why the specific training will help to solve this problem.  This leaves you feeling hopeful and having a real understanding of the issue.

The following is a list of some of the videos addressing specific dog issues:

– People Aggression
– Dog Aggression
– Aggression Towards Objects
– Aggression Towards Other Animals
– Obsessions
– Phobias and Fears
– Refusing To Come When Called
– Pulling On The Leash
– Jumping on Furniture
– Jumping Up
– Hyperactivity
– Separation Anxiety
– Dog Running Away
– Barking At Door
– Barking When Left
– Barking In Car
– Barking Around Property
– Barking For Attention
– Barking On Walk

Outstanding $1 Trial

The entire Online Dog Trainer site, including notes, videos, and 250 videos can currently be access for a $1 trail for a 3 day period.  This is a great offer, and it is hard to imagine what more you could possibly want.  Following the 3 day trial, you can cancel if you wish and will only be billed $1.
This is basically a try it before you buy it offer.  It is a generous offer, and not many websites offer something like this.

Cost Of The Program

Following the 3 day trial, if you decided to stay with the program it costs $37 per month.  In my opinion, the $37 monthly charge is worth every penny since you are truly getting an excellent solution.  There are some products out there that might be a little cheaper.  However, many of them will just make you feel confused and lost.  There are also many dog training programs that are quite good at assisting you with learning some commands. However they won’t be able to help you with getting some of those bad behaviors fully under control since they just treat the symptoms.  However, the Online Dog Training allows you to gain a real understanding of your dog and helps you solve practically any kind of dog behavioral issue.
Also, I’ve done some research and found that having a good dog trainer come out to your house for a visit will on average cost $300, and that just covers a couple of hours.   The Online Dog Trainer provides you with Doggy Dan’s proven methods, and you have him on video whenever you need help.

Doggy Dan Is Click Banck Secured and you have a 60 Day to try it and be satisfied or you will have you more back

Try the online dog trainer, with the 60 days money guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

You don’t have anything to lose here. There is a 60-day money back guarantee offered by The Online Dog Trainer, so you can be completely confident when you purchase this product.

Final Thoughts

This is an incredible resource that a national SPCA has endorsed, contains more than 250 videos and the creator of the program, Doggy Dan, personally participates in the forum.  There is also the comprehensive section on how to become a pack letter, Project Moses on training a puppy from 8 weeks old, no aggression or fear methods use, and all behavioral issues are covered, to provide you with a comprehensive dog training solution that you can use or any mobile device or computer on a 24/7 basis.
I personally believe this is the best value and best dog training product available in the marketplace today and I strongly recommend it.
The best online dog trainer online at the moment

Doggy Dan Trial Offer, Give it a try you won’t regret it

Two baby Australian Shepherds

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