1. Why training you puppy

Raising the perfect dog is something many people dream of but does the perfect dog actually exist? The answer is no because just like humans, there is no such thing as the perfect dog, but this doesn’t mean there are amazing dogs and people. With that said, you are probably wondering what the trick is, and you have come to the right place. Before you bring your puppy to puppy school and try to teach it a bunch of tricks, you should determine what your dream dog should do because your dream dog may do more than amazing tricks.

Is your dream dog simply a performer that you want to do tricks in order to impress people or to receive praise and things of that nature, because the chances are if you have focused too much on teaching your pet tricks, then you’ll have to warn guests not to get to close to him when he’s eating. You might have to warn them to be wary about patting your dog on its head and you may have to keep kids away from his toys and things of that nature. So many people place emphasis on commands and not think about the real crucial stuff, and before we know it, it’s too late. May dog trainers keep on doing the same thing as everyone else, and this is why it is often too late.

Train your puppy early

Jumping puppy happy to be trained with the doggy dan online trainer

Many trainers do the same thing, which means they teach the same old tricks, such as sit, stay and what not. They act like sheep, and not many people question it and if you think about it, has a dog ever been put to sleep because they didn’t sit or because they didn’t respond to the command in an instance? The answer is no because nobody cares about this, but when you send your pup to puppy school, trainers teach them those tricks. On the other hand, it is aggression that gets dogs in trouble and is one of the leading reasons why they get put to sleep.

Dogs may show aggression in forms of barking, growling or even biting. They may be aggressive towards strangers, kids, and their owners. In short, this is very bad.

An out of control dog is a very dangerous dog, and they will pull you on walks and ignore your every command, and you can never let them loose. Not only that, but they risk the chance of running out into traffic. A lot of trainers don’t show people what the can do to prevent such things, and this is because many don’t know how to do this. With that said, there are five crucial behaviors that a perfect dog will exhibit.

2. Behaviors a well training puppy should have

A well trained dog will be: calm around other dogs and animals.
– Calm around other dogs and animals.
– Friendly towards everyone
– Relaxed around the home
– Obedient
– Coming back to you when you call them at the park.
– Walking perfectly on the leash.


How do you achieve the above? It’s easier than you think and this is thanks to Doggy Dan’s product called The Doggy Dan Online Trainer, which you can get a 3 day trial for just a dollar. This site is packed with a lot of information that can help you get the perfect dog.


3. Why using Doggy Dan Online Trainer

The website has many videos that show you how to get the perfect dog and Doggy Dan shows you how via a video diary of a puppy that is only 8 weeks old. The videos guide you through every stage. Doggy Dan has recorded his puppy for a whole year, and this means you get to watch the puppy go from being young to being an adult, and you’ll get to see what Doggy Dan does to raise the perfect dog.

Happy puppy playing with a frisbee

Dog catching a frisbee

You’ll have a good idea of what to do to ensure problems don’t occur later on and this is because you’ll be able to train your pet at the right time. When your dog is grown up, the site caters to various dog problems that you may be faced with in the future. Not only that but topics such as training, behavior, and food, as well as health are covered.


Doggy Dan’s website has over 200 videos, and you’ll know what to do to achieve the behaviors previously discussed. You’ll learn a lot more than that too, and you will finally get the results you have always wanted to get with your dog. If you want to get the perfect dog and you want to get things done the right way the first time around, then visit Doggy Dan’s website and sign up for the one dollar trial. You will be glad that you did. Here is the website: the online dog trainer  

If you’re like many people, then your dog pulls on the lead, and you are no stranger to having a sore shoulder as a result. There are millions of dog owners who do not enjoy their walks with their dogs, due to their pets pulling them, but you can train your dog to walk on your side without pulling. If you do this, then you will enjoy walking much more, and you may be surprised at how easy it is to train your dog to walk by your side.
There are various ways to train your dog, and you may be able to do it by watching Doggy Dan, but we want to put out that there are a few mistakes that dog owners tend to make when they walk their dog. It doesn’t matter if you have a large dog or a small dog, nor what kind of breed your dog is, there are mistakes you could be making with your dog, but there are a few tips that may help. We are going to discuss what some of those tips are, but there is something else we want to mention first.
Before we provide you tips, we want to say you need to keep calm, and so does your dog. If your dog is already revved up before you even head out the gate, then you are going to really struggle with walking them. With that said, below are a few tips that can help you out.

1. Calm Your Dog Down

As soon as you get the leash out, your dog probably goes wild and jumps around, wagging its tail and racing around and being impatient. When they do this, you probably just go ahead and get the leash on them, and this gets them even more excited and wild up. This is because you are feeding into their excited behavior and giving them an award, which is the lead. It’s simple, when you do this, their behavior becomes even more extreme.
Also, the same thing happens when you allow your dog to make a beeline towards the front door and out the gate and eventually down the road. When you allow this to continue to happen, then they get more excited, and they will continue to do this. Instead, try to take your time the next time you want to take your dog out for a walk.
What you want to do is calmly get the leash and then wait until your dog has calmed down, and if they don’t, then do not put the leash on them and just put it away. You might have to do this over and over again, but eventually, your dog will calm down and then you can place the leash on them. Just make sure you put the leash on only when the dog has calmed down, but be prepared to repeat this process over and over again when you first start using this technique.
Don’t be afraid to postpone the walk for a good 10-20 minutes, even though that may seem like hours when you’re waiting for your dog to calm down. However, it is worth it, and once your dog has finally calmed down, then things will get easier. Remember, the last thing you want is to still be getting pulled down the street by your dog a year from now or even 10 years from now.


2. Change Directions

When you head out the door, look at your dog and see which way they want to go. If they want to go left, then you go right and take the lead. Keep doing this every time your dog starts to pull or tries to take the lead. If you do this right off the bat, then you won’t have to worry about your dog pulling throughout the entire walk.
Dog not seeing the owner as the pack leader

Dog pulling on the leash


3. Choose The Right Device

There are various devices you can use to help get your dog to heel. In the video, Doggy Dan doesn’t use just any old harness, as his is a special harness that has an attachment right under the chin of the dog. This harness is different than other harnesses because traditional ones are attached on the back. This allows the dog to pull very hard.
Dog leading his owner

Use The Right Leash For Your Dog


4. The Pack Leader Does Just That

Don’t forget that you are the pack leader and that means you lead from the front and if your dog doesn’t think of you as a pack leader, then they will try to get the front. You can’t trick your dog or anything like that, and you need to have a strong will to show that you are the pack leader. Doggy Dan has developed some material to show how dog owners can become pack leaders and you can check out his 5 rules on how to accomplish this.


5. Extra Tips

There are so many other tips and tricks out there. One of them is knowing when you pull the leash without going overboard. You want to learn when to allow your dog to sniff and when to let them go to the bathroom and you want to learn where to let them. Believe it or not, when you master those small things, walking your dog will become easier.


If you want to master the art of dog walking, then check out Doggy Dan’s website because he is one of the best trainers aroundand his site, The Online Dog Trainer, has hundreds of videos. There are a number of videos on the site, and the videos show you how to properly walk your dog, and there’s even a half-hour audio on the site. This means you can listen to it while you are walking. You will love the audio because you can listen to it whenever you want, but make sure you stay alert if you decide to listen to it while you are walking your dog, but if you do listen while walking your dog, then you should do it in an area such as a field or a park because then you can implement the techniques that are being taught on the audio.


If you’re like many dog owners, then you just want to make the most of your time with your dog, and this includes taking them for walks on a daily basis, but without having to worry about them pulling you. Just remember to be persistent and consistent with the training. It may take a bit of time to get results, but it is worth it and before you know it, your dog will stop pulling, walk calmer, and you will enjoy taking your pet for walks again. The sooner you take action, and the sooner you learn how to master walking your dog, the sooner you will love taking your dog out for its daily walks.


Just keep the above tips in mind. Also, make sure to visit Doggy Dan’s website. You will learn a lot from it.

Most people have dogs as their pets and sometimes the barking of those dogs can be a problem to the pet’s owner if the dog barks continuously and aimlessly. A dog as a pet provides company to the owner and also security. Eliminating the dog to stop the barking is obviously not the best choice, so you need to control its barking in whichever way possible.
A dog may be barking for different reasons for example defense; it may be barking to other dogs, to get your attention, anxiety, excitement or it may be barking to strangers in the homestead or even passing strangers. The method of stopping the dog’s barking will depend on the reason for the barking.
There are five main ways in which you can stop the dog from barking:

Changing the dog environment

One method of stopping the barking is changing the environment that makes the dog bark. If the dog is always barking at the people passing near your home, you can use a fence that will make it impossible for the dog to see the other side of the fence. You may also cover any outlet that gives the dog access to your compounds like the windows and the doors if the dog is always barking at your visitors. The sound of the doorbell may also be a trigger to your dogs’ barking and in this case changing the sound of the doorbell may be a solution hence the dog may not be aware that there is someone at the door or the gate. Calling your dog inside and keeping your dog engaged at the time you know that he is prone to barking may also work. You may call him inside when schools are letting out and school kids are heading home noisily.

Help your dog get used to solitude

Dogs in a park barking

Two dog in a garden barking

The second way to stop the behavior would be making your dog used to solitude. This may work if your dog mostly barks at the time of your departure. If this is the case, you have to make yourdog understand that being alone is not a bad thing and make the dog be always ready to be left alone. You should not make the dog know your preparations just before departure like showing your dog the car keys. This way the dog will not be able to know when you are about to leave and may not start barking immediately you leave the compound. You may also prepare like you are leaving but still stay around. This way the dog will never be able to realize when you are leaving or when you are still around. Leaving your dog for a short time alone would also be important, for example, you can lock the dog in the house for some time then come back, or you can just hide without the dog’s notice. This way the dog may become used to solitude, it may not have to bark any time you are out of sight.

Reward him with a treat when silent

The third method to use for the reduction dog barking would be training your dog to bark at reasonable incidences. Shouting at the dog words like “quiet” may not work all the time as they makethe dog stop at the moment then continue barking or make the dog bark again later. Instead, you should always silence the dog and give him a treat anytime he barks. You can train the dog, every time he barks stick a delicious treat on his nose and tell him to stop barking , then if he keeps quiet give him the treat. The reward may work on the dog, and it may stop barking aimlessly.

Don’t encourage his barking- stay calm

The fourth method would be to ignore your dogs barking if it’s evident that your attention motivates him. Some dogs only bark around their owners either to other dogs or other people. Showing the dog that his barking is not worthy may discourage his barking.

Make him do physical exercises

Finally, you can limit the barking by making the dog tired. In the case where a dog barks continuously at night because of boredom, ensuring the dog gets enough mental and physical exercise during the day may be the solution. If the dog becomes tired, it will spend the night hours sleeping instead of barking continuously and aimlessly.
Dog in a park barking

Barking Dog in a garden

If you love your dog, don’t use a shock Collar

Some people may recommend the shock collar to control the behavior but sometimes the collar may induce excessive fear on your dog, it may confuse your dogs due to over-correction, and it’s also a painful method of training your pet.
If you are interested in learning more about dog training, we have made a doggy dan online trainer review that you can check at your leisure.